Hello! It's been a while, hasn't it?
My site hasn't updated in a long while! It's so hard to sit down and code. I definitely find gratification from it, but even still, it's quite hard to focus. I have not stopped doing my usual things though! I am well. I honest to god, really hope to update my site soon. I apologize for how slow I am.

To be honest, I thought that since my site is a weee bit decrepit that no one visits anymore. However, I was shocked to see how many clicks my site still gets! I am very thankful for everyone who has visited.
I know Neocities' page counter is a bit scuffed, so those numbers probably aren't as big as they seem, but if there's a number at all, that probably means at least one person visited my page that day. The little line graph on the statistics chart is never at a zero, so that means at least one person visited me that day. At least one person visits me everyday, and it could be different people, or the same one.

I've been thinking about Palestine a lot. I'm not too great at conveying my thoughts, but I don't want to turn a blind eye at genocide. This site encapsulates everything about me. Since I've been very bad at updating this site, I'd like to use it for this right now. I realized that if one person is visiting, then someone is seeing this. I've been so used to not having a public presence that I had completely overlooked this and as such, I regret not sharing everything I have learnt sooner.

For now, I have whipped up a quick landing page (this one). I will of course still have my site up, but this will be at the forefront for a while. Maybe I'll turn my landing back to usual once I update and make all the pages I want to (so it'll take a long time). Of course, I will still make this page as loud and as visible as possible.

I encourage anyone who hasn't yet to try to spread the word as well. You'd be surprised by how many people click through your site. (Or maybe you aren't. But my point still remains. :P) You don't need to have it as your entire landing page or anything, but a little sidebox is still super effective I feel.

Here are some links. I won't be able to catch every link, so I heavily encourage you to not only read through these links, but to also look for more.

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.

Thank you for reading. If you'd like to enter the site, go ahead, but please keep these words in mind. :) Ya. I got two landing pages


Not only do I urge you to check these links out, but to also properly read through them.

Palestinian businesses and culture.

Reporting from Gaza.

More in depth resources and links.